Ready Freddy

All incoming kindergarten families were invited to sign-up for a virtual Ready Freddy event coordinated by the United Way of York County back in June. If you pre-registered you should have been sent activities in the mail and will receive weekly emails with information to accompany the activities for 4 sessions. The first message was sent on July 12 with a welcome and kick-off video from Red Lion and story time.

For the next 4 weeks families will receive an email that will help guide you through each session, which will focus on a different topic important to helping families transition to kindergarten and to promoting academic success. All of the activities are intended to be fun and encourage conversations with their child about the upcoming transition to kindergarten!

It's Week Two for Ready Freddy! (July 19)

Welcome to Week Two! This week’s session is designed to help parents and children appreciate that every child is unique. Because parents know their child’s skills, abilities, and interests better than anyone else, they must be involved in school. Parent involvement helps ensure that all children are challenged and supported so that they can reach their full potential.

As children enter kindergarten, they are expected to be on their way to mastering academic skills. However, children vary in their skills and interest. One child might be able to draw elaborate pictures, while another loves to sing. One child might know their numbers because they love to play board games, while another never sits still and can climb up any structure on the playground.

If parents communicate this information to teachers, they can use it to help their children grow. For example, hopscotch may help the “climber” learn about numbers, music could help the “singer” learn to spell new words, and the “drawer” might be ready to start writing letters.

Here's what to expect this week.

Week 2: Each child is unique; parents know best!

  • Instructions for activities can be found within your copy of It’s Mine.

  • Activity 1 – Self Portrait

  • Materials – Crayons & Paper

  • Activity 2 – What Kind of Frog Are You?

  • Materials – Paper Bag, Sheet with Puppet Pieces, & Crayons. Scissors & Glue provided by parent.

As you go through the activities this week, we would love to see pictures of you and your child! Share your photos on social media using the hashtags #ReadyFreddyYork and #LiveUnited.

Upcoming Ready Freddy Sessions!

Emails will be sent every Monday with links to story times (if pre-registered) or posted here:

Week 3: July 26

Tuesday Book and Virtual Story Time with Activities

Week 4: August 2

Frog in the Bog Book and Virtual Story Time with Activities

Week 5: August 9

Miss Mingo and the First Day of School Book and Virtual Story Time with Activities